Imagine a first world country of forty million people, so far removed from civilization that it’s not even on most maps.

An island nation enjoying a modern, industrial economy, full employment, and a political system that makes Professional Wrestling look dignified.

A population spawned of the alpha-citizens, adventurers, opportunists and misfits that ever fled the constraints of decent society.

A land where hard work, endeavor and tolerance are the only virtues but the vices are many and curious. And only likely to get worse as the sequels unfold.


The drunken affairs of Prime Minister Dereck Cartright are a running joke in the media but nobody cares. Dereck is patriotic where other politicians are grasping and the economy continues to gather speed like a wicked rumour.

The mysterious General Mussbiere (“mus’be a” what?) manages Amsarnie’s combined defense forces and nearly all of the nations crime from a bunker somewhere in the western desert. With a swish of the cursor he can monitor troop movements and real-time cash transactions at any of the nations casinos or brothels. He’s the man that makes it all work.

Eighty three year old, semi-retired prostitute Mama Jenny Won Baker owns the better part of down-town Claust without having a single deed in her name. The capitol that had opened the Shoop-Shoop Saloon was her entire savings in nineteen forty-three. And most of the local investment since then have come from “Mama Jen Unincorporated.” Ten percent or two percent on the dollar, or send your kids to college. Jenny Won is happy with life. Claust never lets her miss a meal or pay for a taxi.
It isn’t classic literature but it might make you laugh out loud.  And it has some quite steamy bits.

Herbert Brewers Dirty Little Secret – The Movie Intro.

You’re sitting in a dark cinema. The film opens with
a guy arriving at an international airport. He’s
jet-lagged and tired. He gets through customs and
immigration and retrieves his bags. It’s sunny
outside. He gets in a taxi and heads into the city.
The taxi driver tries a few radio stations and finds a
station where this music is just starting to play.
Queue the titles. Driving into the city, looking
through a taxi window, listening to this music.